Why You Might Want Guidance From A Real Estate Lawyer

When a decision is made to purchase commercial real estate, it’s usually with the intention of establishing a business immediately. You may also have plans to expand an existing business in order to better serve your existing customers.

Some business people wait until a deal is almost closed before they contact a real estate attorney. However, lawyers who specialize in this area can offer assistance at every stage, helping you to save time and money.

Detailed Contracts

Vague contracts can cause significant problems for either a vendor or a purchaser. In some cases, both parties are affected.

In such situations, a contract may have been badly written unintentionally. This is why it’s important to get help with your sales contracts from experienced commercial real estate lawyers.

Stone & Sallus Law can provide guidance with any type of commercial real estate transaction. With their help, you’ll avoid many of the pitfalls that could cause you to lose money on your investment.

Due Diligence

When you’re busy running a business, you may not always have the time to conduct the due diligence that’s necessary before you engage in a transaction. Experienced real estate lawyers will conduct due diligence on your behalf.

If you’re acquiring commercial real estate or even thinking of selling a business, it’s important to remember that the laws which protect consumers may not always apply to you. In this situation, it’s helpful to gain an understanding of how the law can help or limit some of the actions that you would want to take.

An experienced lawyer can show you how best to proceed with any type of transaction that you would like to conduct. They ensure that the interests of your business are protected and you won’t lose money due to a lack of understanding of the laws in California.

Preparing Escrow Instructions

If you are thinking of purchasing a commercial property, funds will have to be held in escrow for that purpose. This protects you and the vendor.

When funds are held in escrow, it’s less likely that any party will violate the terms of the agreement and disappear with funds that have been put towards the purchase. Your attorney is responsible for preparing escrow instructions for this step in the process.

An experienced real estate lawyer in California will choose a reliable party to handle your escrow. They will also ensure that no issues are missed along the way.

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