The Inner Workings of SMS Marketing Services

Mobile marketing, otherwise known as wireless marketing, has skyrocketed for the past years. As this marketing strategy promises vast opportunities for companies, mobile marketing leads companies through direct communication with consumers, anytime and anywhere of the day. Certainly, the quest to leverage mobile technology has never been realized when SMS marketing takes a seat in the growing industry of mobile marketing.

According to GSM Association (Global System for Mobile Communications), users send more than 10 billion SMS messages each month. As the year’s progress, this data can even reach a higher scale. This makes SMS (Short Message Services) the most popular mobile data application worldwide.

A two-way exchange of sending and receiving messages further enhances the services and feedback between the companies and consumers. As with other forms of marketing, mobile or SMS marketing transcends beyond the traditional communication of one-to-one or mass communication. Hence, how does SMS marketing works?

The Framework of SMS Marketing

SMS (Short Message Service) marketing is a mobile marketing technique that uses permission-based texting while at the same time, promoting a company’s brand or product. This works as the finest form of mobile marketing. Oftentimes, customers are sent with a 5-digit code and then they will need to type in that code on their cellphones.

After doing so, a customer’s number is stored by the SMS software a certain company uses. This is now the time that a customer can receive product information, coupons, and deals offered by the brand. Now, if you opted to unsubscribe from a brand or a company’s SMS marketing, you will be sent a confirmation response with an opt-out code at the same time as the 5-digit code was sent to your mobile number.

Textedly as a Mobile Marketing Tool

One of the software tools companies used to leverage their mobile marketing is Textedly. This software is a cloud-based SMS marketing tool that caters to all kinds and sizes of businesses and companies. Textedly offers a wide range of SMS marketing that ranges from mass messaging to text schedule. And, one of the salient features of Textedly lies in its customizable auto-reply system.

When you subscribe to using the services and tools offered by, you’ll boost and improve your company’s mobile media marketing and branding. More than this, Textedly automatically gathers a customer’s city, state, zip code, and other relevant customer information. This software marketing tool can be accessed on a monthly subscription fee and your money’s worth is not taken for granted.