Get Help With a Fresh Start IRS Installment Agreement

There are numerous reasons why you’re behind on tax payments. In fact, you might have skipped filing your taxes a year or two, due to financial hardship. Although this is illegal, you aren’t alone. Many taxpayers have made the error of failing to file, and some have completely ignored attempts by the IRS to collect on the taxes due. If you’re in this situation, a fresh start IRS installment agreement might help you out of a tough financial situation, and help you regain your financial stability, repay your debt, and ensure you’re on good terms with Uncle Sam.

Don’t Cave into Threats – 

The IRS will threaten you. Although this is illegal, and they can’t simply garnish your wages as they claim, many innocent taxpayers will cave and pay whatever the IRS asks for. Don’t fall into this trap. The option to set up a fresh start IRS installment agreement loan is a great way to get your financial freedom back, while legally repaying the debt that you owe to the IRS. You don’t have to overpay; in fact, very low monthly payments, and very low interest rates are available when you set up a payment plan with the agency.

Don’t Know Where to Start? – 

If you have no idea what your rights are, or where to begin, or that a repayment plan is an option, you might want to consider hiring a lawyer and the best legal minds to assist you through the process. You aren’t alone, and you do have rights. Even though you owe the government money, you have the right to maintain control of your financial freedom, bank accounts, and to have enough money to pay other bills and to take care of your family. So, if you aren’t sure where to begin, don’t allow the IRS to bully you into making an absurd payment or an agreement that you can’t afford to keep up with. 

There are numerous options for those who are behind or delinquent on their tax payments and the money that they owe to the government. So, there are options available to you if you fall into this category of taxpayers who is behind. Let the right legal team work with you and handle your case. Consider hiring a lawyer to help set up a fresh start IRS installment agreement plan, so you can repay your debt, and afford your other bills on a monthly basis in the process.